Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is largest existent ancient sacrificial complex in China, which is located in the southeastern part of central Beijing. Every day people travel from all over the world come to visit the Temple of Heaven for its stunning and unique architectures. Occupying an area of 2,700,000 square meters, It was built in 1420 AD Ming Dynasty and enlarged in the Qing Dynasty, three times larger than the Forbidden City. The temple of Heaven was for emperors of the two dynasties to worship heaven and pray for rich harvest. The emperors prayed for nice weather and good harvest in the the Alter of Prayer for Good Harvests.
The main buildings in the Temple of Heaven are the Alter of Prayer for Good Harvests in the north and Circular Mound Altar in the south lined in the central axis and connected by a 36-meter-long stairway bridge.  Circular Mound Altar was where the emperor worshiped heaven on winter solstice. The importance of the Temple of Heaven to the ancient Chinese, and the symbolic power it wielded cannot be overestimated. Signs of its imitation can be seen all over the Far East. Here is some guide information of the Temple of Heaven Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00 Tickets: CNY 15-35 (Apr.1-Oct.31); CNY 10-30 (Nov.1-Mar.31) Contact number: +86 10 67036062

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Question:Does Temple of Heaven has audio guides for rental like the other sites in Beijing? Do I need such guide when traveling at Temple of Heaven, or is the attractions inside self-explanatory. Appreciate your advice.

Answer:The Temple of Heaven has audio guides, and in my opinion, it is not very self-explanatory. The Temple of Heaven was an important site in imperial sacrifices, and the site is full of symbolism. It helps to have some travel information about that.