Beijing Bell Tower

The Bell Tower of Beijing is located in the northern downtown of the city, at the end of the central axis of the imperial city to the north of Di'anmen. As an ancient timepiece, the Bell Tower attracts hundreds of people to travel to witness its significance. The Bell Tower was the timepiece, together with the Drum Tower, during Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is connected with the Drum Tower to the north by a pleasant, neighborhood plaza. The bell in the tower would have originally been made of iron; it was replaced by a bronze bell which is about 10 inches thick that is still in perfect condition till now.
Until 1924, the bronze bell was used primarily as a timepiece that would chime out the hour at 7:00 pm every day over a distance of up to 20 kilometers. There are good views from the top of the Bell Tower of the Drum Tower and over the neighborhood hutong rooftops and on a clear day the skyscrapers of downtown Beijing are also clearly visible. Here's some guide information of the Bell Tower of Beijing Contact number: +86 10 6401 2674   Tickets: CNY15    Opening hours: 09:00-17:00

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