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Liulichang Cultural Street

Liulichang Cultural Street Market is a fun stroll and specializes in all kinds of Chinese crafts and art works, located in southwest of Qianmen and near to the Hepingmen Gate. Most foreigners love to visit Liulichang Cultural Street when they travel to Beijing. The 800 meters long east-west street is a traditional market of old and rare books, antiques, paintings, calligraphy and arts & crafts. It is one of two streets that still keep the appearance of a Qing Dynasty market street and a cool place for those who want to shop or just have a look at the street and architectures.
In the Liao Dynasty, Liulichang was not in the urban area but the outskirt, named "Sea King Village". Later, in Yuan Dynasty, the imperial court set up imperial porcelain kilns here to fire liuliwa, "glazed tiles"/The firing site was eventually moved to Mentougou, but the name Liulichang was kept and passed down till now. This area became popular in the Qing Dynasty for the contestants of the Imperial Examination gathered and lived here. Hence, lots of bookstores and stationery stores sprang up in Liulichang area, which dressed the street wth a doctrinal and cultural atmosphere.

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