Lama Temple

Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple; Yonghe Lamasery) is the largest and best-preserved lamasery in Beijing, covering an area of 66,000 square meters. The Lama Temple is a renowned Yellow Hat Sect of Lamaism of Tibetan Buddhist temple. The Lama Temple is a popular and special place to visit and travel to in Beijing. It was built in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty originally as the offical house of court eunuchs then was converted to be the palace residence of the Emperor Yongzheng (the third emperor of Qing Dynasty) before he ascended the throne when he was still a prince. The Lama Temple features five large halls and five courtyards with beautifully decorative archways, upturned eaves and carved details.
The Lama Temple consists of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings (Tian Wang Dian or Devaraja Hall), the Hall of Harmony and Peace (Yonghegong), the Hall of Everlasting Protection (Yongyoudian), the Hall of the Wheel of the Law (Falundian), and the Pavilion of Ten Thousand Happinesses (Wanfuge). It houses many treasures, among which the most famous one is the huge statue of Maitreya, Buddha of the Future in the largest structure in the temple, Wanfuge (Ten Thousand Happiness Pavilion). Here's some guide information of the Lama Temple Contact number: +86 10 64044499  Tickets: CNY25  Opening hours: 09:00-16:30

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