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Former Residence of Mei Lanfang

The Former Residence of Mei Lanfang was originally a part of Prince Qing's Mansion, located in Huguosi Street in the West District in Beijing. It's quite a desirable place for many art lovers to visit and travel to, one of the historical and cultural sites under the state protection. It was donated to the country by his wife in 1965, along with his entire collection of art and literature. Since 1984, it has been converted into a museum and protected by the State due to its historical and cultural significance.
Mei Lanfang was born in a Beijing Opera performer's family in 1894 and began his debut on the stage at the tender age of 11. During his 50 years' career, he maintained a standard of excellence while never ceasing to explore new techniques. He was most famous for his female roles and skillful portrayal of women, which won him international acclaim due to his impeccable timing and signature style. His techniques are now studied by young actors and be named as the "Mei School". Here's some guide information of the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang Tickets: CNY10  Opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00  Contact number: 86 10 66183598

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