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Beijing Traditional Opera Museum

Beijing Traditional Opera Museum, located in the Huguang Guildhall Chamber at Hufangqiao in Xuanwu District, was the hundredth museum built by Beijing Municipality and was officially opened to the public on September 6th, 1997. China boasts of more than 300 local operas, among which Peking Opera is the most popular and regarded as the national opera of China. The museum is an ideal place to travel and visit for those Peking Opera lovers. The Huguang Chamber is the most famous venue where the opera fans can savor the beauty of the highly refined Peking Opera.
On display in the exhibition hall of the Beijing Traditional Opera Museum are several dozen biographies, cultural relics, and costumes and instruments that trace the history of Chinese traditional opera. The Huguang Chamber was first established on Jiaqing 12th Year of Qing Dynasty, which includes a series building like big opera tower, Xiangxian Memorial Hall, Wenchang attic, Baoshang Hall, Chuyuan Hall, "Miss Somebody in the Wind and Rain" Chamber and etc. Here's some guide information of the Beijing Traditional Opera Museum  Opening hours: 09:00-17:00  Tickets: CNY10   Contact number: 86 10 63518284   8610 63529134

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