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On the shore of Lake Ashi stands The Hakone Shrine which is a famous attraction for foreign tourist to observe the Japanese traditional culture. The Hakone Shrine is famous for its beautiful red torii gate that nestles the coastline of the nearby forest, this vermillion gate has become a popular destination for many photographers. Hakone Shrine is a Japanese Shinto shrine, original shrine was at one of the peaks of Mount Hakone, and was moved to the shore of the lake Hakone.
A path leads from the torii gate to the main building, the Ansan cedar tree of the shrine is regarded as a sacred tree of child-giving that prays for safe birth. The Komagatake Ropeway is also within walking distance of Hakone Shrine.

The best time to visiting the Hakone Shrine is in August, a particular celebration with an elaborate ceremony is held here, usually on August 1. You can see a vast display of priests and dancers. Another important event is the Setsubun Festival Ceremony on Feb 3, which is also called Bean Throwing Day. This is the last day of winter, Japanese throw soybeans out of the front doors to drive away bad luck and throw them into houses to invite good luck. You can also enjoy a fireworks festival on Feb 2.

How to get Hakone Shrine from Tokyo
The quickest and direct way to Hakone Shrine from Tokyo is the Odakyu Electric Railway (Romancecar). You can buy tickets at the Odakyu Service Center, Odakyu Line ticket machines within the station, or the Odakyu online site, but the Japan Rail Pass cannot be used on this line. The ride by Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar from Shinjuku station to Hakone Yumoto Station takes about 1.5 hours, and a one-way ticket is from 1190 to 2000 yen. Don’t forget to buy the Hakone Freepass at the same time which can be used on transport around Hakone, and discounts entrance tickets to local attractions.

Except for the Romancecar, travelers who have Japan Rail Pass can choose Shinkansen Bullet Train or Local Trains. JR East trains can quickly get you to Hakone area, you can book a roundtrip Shinkansen ticket which includes a discounted price between Tokyo and Hakone. The local trains take a little longer to reach your destinations, but cheaper fare. Traveling to Hakone by Highway Bus is still a good choice, Highway buses are comfortable and you'll get a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji on the way. It stops at famous attractions and hotels so you can choose where you get off.

From Tokyo to Hakone Shrine, we offer a door-to-door private transfer service which is the most convenient way and include all toll road fees, parking fees, fuel and taxes. As an experienced and reliable Japan tour operator,we can provide you with comfortable 7, 10, 14-seater vans, or a 20-seater bus, and our private drivers can speak basic English for better communication. please feel free to contact us!

Opening Hours: Whole day
Closed: No closing days
Entrance Ticket: Free
Address: 80-1 Motohakone, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0522 Japan

How far is Tokyo Airport from Hakone Shrine?
Hakone Shrine is 170 kilometers away from Narita Airport, about 100 kilometers away from Haneda Airport.

How far is it from Yokohama Cruise Port to Hakone Shrine?
Driving distance between Hakone Shrine and Yokohama Cruise Terminal is about 100 kilometers. Our private transfer provides one of the most simple and convenient ways to get from Yokohama Port to Hakone Shrine.

Which is the most convenient way from Tokyo to Hakone Shrine?
The quickest and direct way to Hakone Shrine from Tokyo is the Odakyu Electric Railway (Romancecar). You can also choose our door-to-door private transfer services include all toll road fees, parking fees, fuel and taxes.

How to get to the Hakone shrine with public transportation?
You can choose the Odakyu Electric Railway (Romancecar), Except for the Romancecar, others are Shinkansen Bullet Train, Local Trains, or Highway Bus.

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